studio – faq

Below are some of our frequently asked questions which we would love to share with you.
The Mil Studios

Can I come set up ahead of time?
Your time starts when you take possession of the studio. If you need to come an hour early to set up, then you need to pay for that hour. If it takes you an hour to pack-up at the end of the time slot, then the you will be charged an additional hour.
tip: Makeup and Hair Stylists may require up to and hour per model. Please talk to your Makeup and/or Hair Stylist/s about their average working time to plan ahead.

What if I break or damage something?
We understand accidents happen, but most of the time when something is broken in the studio, it’s due to neglect.
If someone breaks or damages an item, you will be charged the cost of the item plus the shipping cost if needed.
If someone damages a wall, the cyclorama, the floor, etc. the client will be charged the cost of the repair.

Damage fees are listed below:
-$50 per hole in cyclorama (this covers plaster, sanding and painting)
-$40 makeup section stained with makeup, enamel, etc.

Why do you require a cleaning deposit?
A one off $25 cleaning deposit is required for all renters shooting for the first time at The Mil Studios. This deposit is returned (or can be used as credit) if the space is returned in the exact manner it was handed to you.

Cleaning fees are listed below:
-$25 leaving the studio floor dirty
-$25 leaving trash / food
-$40 makeup section uncleaned eg. makeup stains, enamel etc.
-$50 feathers, glitter, body paint, sand, or anything else hard to clean

What if I had to cancel?
With MORE than 48 hours notice: You will receive a refund minus 1 hour. Or, if you choose to take a credit for the full amount, you will need to use it within 30 days of the original booking.
With LESS than 48 hours notice: No refunds. You will receive a credit minus the 2 hour minimum. This credit must be booked within 30 days of the original booking.
Same day or late-night-before notice: No refunds or credit given.