The Mil Studios

Now Open!
The Mil Studios is the only studio from Sydney to Brisbane, designed to house everything a photographer needs in a space that can ben hired by hobbyists and professionals.

Strobes, Softboxes, Snoots, Jibs, A 4.5 x 5 Cyclorama with a Bowens Hi-Glide Studio Ceiling Rail System equipped with Bowens Studio Lighting on Litelift Pantographs, GoPro wall mounting clips to capture you while you shoot, Colouramas, Hair & Makeup Stations, a Sink and Water Cooler, plus a prop department that is continuously growing. For years we’ve been shooting setups, and now is the chance to share our cornucopia of props and objects. We’re always on the lookout and constantly topping up our collection with chairs, textures, and just… Things!

Everything within the studio is at your disposal upon hire. What’s missing is you and your camera. But don’t think that the studio is only designed for photographers… Our stations make it perfect for hair and makeup artist needing a space to prepare for a shoot or to get their model ready for a show.